The immense tragedy that in recent days has affected the team of Chapecoense shocked the world. The plane crash was traveling training has resulted in over 71 deaths. Few survivors. Even the world of gaming and more particularly EA Sports has decided to pay tribute to the memory of Brazilian society, joining the chorus of #ForzaChape with an initiative together with FIFA 17 .

Some fans of the football simulation have asked the developer to Reddit to make available to all, free of charge, the divided green-white Chapecoense within the mode of Ultimate Team . The appeal has not gone unheard and, at the first start of UT, you see show the appended below message in the form of screenshots. A small gesture, that certainly does not allay the pain for family members and friends of the victims, but which in any event will help to keep alive the memory of those who have suffered a dramatic event that hit the inner world of sport and beyond.

he wears this uniform and supports families, friends and fans of Chapecoense. For├ža Chape.

The uniform of Chapecoense is available to all, free of charge, in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team (image: FIFA 17 that after learning the news of the accident bought domestically at Ultimate Team all available kits of Brazilian education, and then put them back on sale the maximum allowed price, speculating on such a dramatic event. The invitation of EA is to take the field with the first or second split of Chapecoense to celebrate his memory.

 In field with Chapecoense about FIFA 17 Ultimate Team in the

Mode of Chapecoense field with FIFA 17, the Ultimate Team mode