After the release of Fiat Toro the Strada is becoming increasingly a pickup truck geared for commercial use and changes its line in 2017 leave it quite clear. So much so that the truck has a new configuration named Working Hard (heavy work, in English) and a new option Working version. Not to abandon the common consumer, there is a new option from the top Adventure line, now with automated exchange. Prices start from R $ 46,790 and reach R $ 77,600.

In line 2017, the pickup market leader does not count more with the 1.6 engine 115 hp that fitted the Strada Trekking. Now, there is only the 1.4 85 bhp and the 1.8 130 hp, both flex. The exchange can be manual or automated, always with five-speed.

The main changes are concentrated in equipment packages and prices of Strada. Before the truck was sold in a total of six settings, ranging from R $ 45,240 to R $ 72,050. Now, there are eight: Working Single Cab, Working Plus Single Cab, Hard Working Single Cab, Hard Working Cab Extended, Hard Working Crew Cab, Adventure Extended Cab, Adventure Double Cab and Adventure Double Cab with automatic exchange


Interior da Fiat Strada Working 2017 (Foto: Divulgação)

The Fiat points out that the more focused version for fleet owners market, Working CS (R $ 46,790) is equipped with maritime canopy and bucket lighting. For a vehicle with power steering, brake light, sliding window, protective grille, rear window and door-stairs, you need to opt for Working Plus CS (R $ 48,820).

The new series Hard Working CS (R $ 52,880) adds in relation to items from previous versions air conditioning, wheel covers, fog lights, front power windows, power locks and height adjustment of the driver’s seat. Already Hard Working EC (R $ 57,040) is differential longitudinal bars ceiling and hooks for mooring. Finally, Hard Working CD (R $ 64,250) adds retractable rear side seat belts three points and glass holder.

According to the website of Fiat the Working CE version of the line in 2016 (then tabulated in R $ 49,340) already had series of longitudinal bar. Already the mooring hooks manning the Working CD in 2016, which cost R $ 56,390 in the last previous line price list. Moreover, the rear side three points and door-glasses were version of the standard items Trekking 1.6 CD belts in 2016, which cost R $ 64,170.

Finally, line Adventure EC (which is always equipped with the most powerful engine, 1.8 of 130 hp, and part of R $ 66,280) includes 16-inch wheels, parking sensors, electric exterior mirrors, visual adventurer and radio with CD, MP3, Bluetooth and USB. The Adventure CD (R $ 73,130) is differential only bag storage compartments, cup holders in the rear side and rear headrests demoted and with height adjustment. Finally, the top line Adventure CD (R $ 77,600) charges R $ 4,470 by the automated exchange five-speed, which is its only advantage.

Fiat Strada Adventure 2017 (Foto: Divulgação)

Prices of Fiat Strada 2017:

Strada Working Flex 1.4 CS: R $ 46,790.00

Strada Working Plus 1.4 Flex CS: R $ 48,820.00

Strada Hard Working Flex 1.4 CS: R $ 52,880.00

Strada Hard Working Flex 1.4 EC: R $ 57,040.00

Strada Hard Working Flex 1.4 CD: R $ 64,250.00

Strada Adventure 1.8 16V Flex EC: R $ 66,280.00

Strada Adventure 1.8 16V Flex CD: R $ 73,130.00

Strada Adventure 1.8 16V Flex Dualogic CD: R $ 77,600.00