Argon welding demand for the repair of vehicles. The popularity is due to a view of the weld and its quality indicators, achieved through the use of an inert argon gas. In contrast to oxidizing metal oxygen, argon, does not react with the surface. For the welding gas is supplied through the nozzles in the burner, thereby contributing to displace oxygen. In the automotive industry welded aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel and other metals, provided for in the machine design.

Welding argon price which determined the final volume of services used for reconstruction projects relating to radiators, making them parts of stainless steel or aluminum, repair evaporators and intercoolers. It is used when working with the body and its parts. The seam turns narrower and more aesthetic.

Argon is used wherever necessary to carry out repair works – such automobile components as:

  • The engine (metal buildup)
  • cylinder head;
  • CAT;
  • Exhaust manifolds;
  • mufflers;
  • sump.

With the help of easy to recover various brackets, fasteners and fastening tabs.

Restoration performance standalone heaters: the warm interior in severe frosts

Severe domestic climate forcing car owners to heat the cabin most of the year. Although equipment is designed for active use, but the damage can not be avoided. Repair autonomous heaters is carried out with the use of argon welding. It solves the problems associated with mechanical damage. The technology allows you to bring in proper form refractory metals, are part of the heating and air conditioning systems.

Correct operation of the heater in advance will allow the engine to warm up, and the driver sits in the already warm interior, and will lead the car quickly, even in the bitter cold without any problem. Ease that activate the system can be by means of a timer or an electronic key. The most advanced models offer to send a text message or make a call to the built-in SIM card device.

After the repair, as well as to failure, pre-start mechanism begins to increase the temperature of the coolant and thus the engine oil, which creates the desired effect.