Fastweb won the services of management and maintenance of IP systems and workstations for the Public Administration . In fact, the temporary grouping of companies (RTI) led by Fastweb with Maticmind Spa, won through Consip National Central purchases of Italian Public Administration, the tender for the provision of management and maintenance services as part of the IP infrastructure and workstations present at the Public administrations. The total amount of the supply is equal to 346 million euro.

Object of the Convention is the provision of management and maintenance services of different technological systems available at the offices of the central and local administrations. In particular, there is the management and maintenance of telephone exchanges, equipment of local networks, security devices, workstations and servers, wiring alterations, monitoring activities, and service desk. Fastweb has won all five lots of the race including the Central Public Administrations and the local of all Italian regions. The Convention will have a duration of 18 months from the date of activation and can be extended up to a maximum of a further 12 months. The individual supply contracts have a minimum term of 24 months, maximum 48 months, with the modularity of a year.

Thanks to this agreement the administrations may require management and maintenance of several systems using a single contractual instrument. The agreement is an important step toward standardization and efficiency of ICT services .

Satisfied with the decision Alberto Calcagno CEO of Fastweb, which in this regard says:

We are extremely pleased to have been selected to attend the public administration in the management and maintenance of ICT systems. Our company has acquired over the years considerable knowledge of central and local needs of the Pa, not only in telecommunications but also in the context of Cloud and Security. This Convention consolidates our relationship with the Public Administration and is a recognition of our expertise in the field of ICT technology infrastructure.