Fans of modern computer games are known for their love for unconventional solutions Hundreds mods modern editions of The Elder Scrolls -. the best proof, however, sometimes the players go even further and on the basis of ready-made solutions are launching their own projects recently appeared unusual topic on Reddit forum.. : fans Civilization V decided to create its democratic State

At the time of writing news endeavor can boast its own constitution and three branches of government.

  • legislation: monitoring the political system and take a decision on the study of various technologies
  • executive: butchered into three branches (the Ministry, the armed forces and mayors) and monitors management trade routes, control of cities and production;
  • judiciary: monitors the implementation of laws and resolves conflicts within the state

Monitor the development of the project can be in real time to the relevant page. Reddit. Recall release of Civilization V was held in September 2010. The game was released exclusively on the PC.