Stop in 2008 to develop almost finished at the time Star Wars: Battlefront 3, LucasArts company has saddened many fans. This year, a group of enthusiasts decided to restore justice and began the creation of Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil – its own version of the canceled shooter. developers recently announced , the game will be released for free in digital store Steam

Star Wars:. Galaxy in Turmoil created Frontwire studio. Initially, the game was known as Project Rebuild (FRD) BF3 and developed on the engine, CryEngine; current version is based on the Unreal Engine 4. The authors seek to recreate a Star Wars: Battlefront 3 is as conceived her team Free Radical Design. In the unofficial remake will be a huge map with a “seamless” transition between ground, air and space, which will be able to fight up to 64 users. It is planned and the story campaign, which will take players “in the epicenter of an intergalactic war” .

The developers promise “authentic” combat system that forces players “feel in the thick of battle” . Events remake will take place on “the most beloved by fans planets of the universe” Star Wars “- from Hoth to Coruscant” – at different times – from the Clone Wars and ending the Galactic Civil War


in his blog, the creators told that a permit for the release of Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil on Steam was difficult . Studios are not immediately able to reach an agreement with Valve, since the development of the game using materials belonging to Disney Interactive. The owner of the service agreed to distribute the game under the condition that it will be free. Nevertheless the team Frontwire considers it a great achievement for myself “With the Star Wars:. Galaxy in Turmoil in Steam, we not only privlechёm the attention of the new large audience, but also to strengthen Frontwire reputation as a developing studio, which will be able to publish their games in this digital store in the future “ – wrote the president of the studio of Tony Romanelli (Tony Romanelli)


the head of the studio also thanked gamers for their support and urged all “including those who do not believe” in the success of the project, to give a chance Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil. Frontwire self-financed the creation of the game and even accepts donations – instead authors ask everyone who wants to thank them, talk about the remake of your friends and to share information about it on social networks

for the first time the existence of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 became known in September 2006. In 2008, according to co-founder of Free Radical Design Steve Ellis (Steve Ellis), the game was almost ready, but LucasArts has decided to stop work on the project because of the inability to provide him with adequate marketing support. Among other reasons for the cancellation shooter employees of the publishing house called the lack of resources and persistent gaps established deadlines materials developers. In recent years, the network has a lot of videos with the demonstration of various game content. In November last year, Electronic Arts, foreclosure to produce games based on the “Star Wars” series relaunched. In 2017 Star Wars: Battlefront from DICE Swedish studio will get a sequel

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