Facebook Live immediately met with great approval both by the users and the media have been able to create real direct inside of social networks . However, this service has a loophole: Users do not know, in fact, when a live event is about to start. Facebook has decided to tackle this problem by offering the possibility for check Pages to schedule direct. Users will thus be informed of the Live even with a week in advance.

This is a kind of television programming that had been requested several times particularly by publishers and media assiduously using Facebook Live. Now, publishers can schedule live events to share with their users the direct programming with a certain advance. Those concerned will be notified as a sort of reminder that will remind the imminent start of the action. Users will therefore organize to watch the Live in comfort from their PC or their mobile device. With this feature, then, publishers can also increase their audience and their visibility. It is noted that this possibility is only available for check pages but not for verified users. In other words it is only available to publishers but it is possible, as already happened in the past, that this possibility is also extended to other users in the future.

Special features, Facebook will create a sort of waiting room just minutes from the start of each scheduled direct. In this room, users can now interact with each other talking about the event.

The new direct programming feature will be available from Thursday, and will be configurable by administrators through the pages of Facebook Live API .