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Facebook Messenger may have reached a billion users, but the social network is always looking for new ways to increase the use of the application. The latest attempt is the introduction of “topics for discussion” feature that offers suggestions on what to talk about with friends.

Chris Messina, one of #hashtag creators realized the feature in iOS app – which is apparently a limited testing phase – this weekend and described him as “smart” in his Twitter. In September, Messina had also seen a hidden code in the Messenger, that pointed to the return of the Rooms conversations application in the form of chat .

According to the new issue of suggestion feature, the proposed themes have their own dedicated section on the home screen and appear under the name of a friend. In some cases, the suggested topics may include things like the songs that a friend has heard in a service streaming music, or an event that would be interested in attending.

The impetus behind this idea makes sense. Facebook seems to be trying to make you more stylish in a conversation, but the novelty looks more like another reminder that the social network is monitoring every step you take. It is very similar to the use of “friends nearby” and “these friends will go to an event near you”, which are already half invasive

. Source: Gizmodo

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