Facebook Messenger becomes, now, also a new way to have fun. The social networks has, in fact, announced the launch of the platform “ Instant Games ” that will allow users to compete in the mini [19459003calibergames] Pac-Man Space Invaders and many other classics. The debut of this mini game platform within Messenger was already expected to be a bit ‘of time as some tests were emerged from the network at the beginning of November.

The companions of chat may, therefore, challenge those who make more points or to those who pass several levels, making, thus, more the conversation fun. This platform games require the latest release of the app Messenger to iOS and Android and will be initially available for 30 countries. Play is very simple. By starting a conversation with a friend, simply click on the new icon in the shape of controller located just below the space where you type your message. The user will then choose the game and will immediately start playing it. He finished his shift, the score will be automatically shared with the chat friend who in turn will start playing it in an attempt to beat the newly created record.

Facebook Messenger: you can play Pac-Man (image: Facebook ).

People can also find out the games within the Messenger or the News of Facebook Feed Search Engine to play there by yourself or challenge friends. With over 1 billion of users, Facebook Messenger is, today, a platform that goes well beyond simple communication tool. Now, Messenger is also a place for fun in social and sauce in the future this experience will be expanded with the arrival of so many new mini flash games.

The games are developed in HTML5 and cross-platform that work on the web and on mobile devices.

The field of gaming seems a new market niche in which the social network is throwing. Recently, in fact, Facebook also announced Gameroom that is, a PC gaming platform with which the social network tries to challenge the giants of the caliber of Steam.