Facebook Messenger in the future will consume much less data. As known, the app of social network communication tends to consume much internet traffic, a problem if you use mainly in data networks visa tight to the managers of Internet traffic packets that operators usually offer. Fortunately, Facebook is testing a feature that allows saving the data to save traffic. The test is currently underway within the application for Android beta of Messenger but this option, when available at all, you will find within the app settings.

Enabling this function saving data, Messenger does not will go to automatically download pictures and videos . So, if you normally multiemdiali content is automatically downloaded into the app, enabling this feature users will need, every time, request the download of the contents by tapping on it. Obviously, this restriction does not apply to text messages which, however, do not waste a lot of network resources. In this phase of testing, Facebook provides testers also an interesting mini contactor that allows you to view how much data has been saved. It is emphasized that this data saving function only works in mobile data networks . If the user is connected to a WiFi network, these savings settings do not turn on.

Facebook Messenger will consume less data (image: The Next Web ).

Therefore, this option was clearly designed for those who own a data packet not particularly abundant and seek all possible solutions to save traffic. Facebook did not disclose when this feature will be available to all. The hope, however, is that it arrives as soon as possible.