Facebook Messenger is testing the function “Saving data”


Facebook is testing the function “Saving data” Android app, and then also start the test on iOS version.

With the function “ Data Savings “, the user can enable this option from the settings and limit the consumption of data. Once activated the “Date Saver”, the Messenger app no ‚Äč‚Äčlonger automatically download the photos and videos that are received in messages: will you decide if and when to start downloading these files. With this feature, you can then save data traffic when we are connected to the cellular network. The function, in fact, is available only when the device is connected to the cellular connection, while always remain active in Wi-Fi automatic downloads. Messenger will also show how much data has been saved using the “Date Saver.”

This novelty is now available on Android, but iOS app should be up soon.


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