Facebook Messenger head option for saving data



Facebook Messenger head option for saving data




Facebook Messenger has begun testing on Android devices, a feature that allows users to save Internet data . This option is certainly commendable, given that the monthly or weekly data packets provided by telephone companies are often quite small.

The new Messenger feature appears in the menu Options app under Notifications and sounds but it seems that at the time the test is performing in the US alone. Once activated, the data management function (we could translate as well in Italian) allows you to preserve your bundle available by disabling the automatic content rather “heavy” download system as photos and especially video. A similar feature is already present for some time in applications such as Instagram for example. In this latter option is activated in Settings / Use of mobile data / Use less data.

As for the option Facebook Messenger is testing, we specify that the function is active only when the device is not connected to the network via Wi-Fi (using the mobile data thus) and the same will be able to show the user the amount of data that was able to save by keeping active. The counter saved Internet data can then be reset at any time, whenever you want.


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