Facebook Messenger arrives shopping via bot




Facebook Messenger will allow users to make purchases in native mode . This important development will allow to shop via bot without leaving the chat. The update of Messenger Platform is of fundamental importance, since companies can start selling products and services through the popular messaging app. We find out in more detail how it will change Facebook Messenger and how you can buy products through paying bots.

The popular social network Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook launches challenge to Apple and Google, with the testing of integrated payments within Facebook Messenger . Starting next week, the United States, users can purchase shirts or flight tickets and much more, without having to exit completely from the chat to complete the transaction.

The integration of payments within messages is one of the most important news ever since Facebook Messenger turns into a trading platform that can make the most simple and immediate purchases.

Currently, this novelty is in trial version and concerns only a small number of developers in the US. However, it is necessary to emphasize that the road taken by Facebook is an important step forward. I bot are the main parties involved in the transactions between users and companies but at the same time its developers are taking advantage of all these possibilities for introdorre important innovations.

The number one Messenger, David Marcus revealed that the chat bot number increased to 30,000, against 11,000 in July.

The debut of payments encrypted on Facebook Messenger using bots, could be a critical step in the evolution of this app. Finally, if those tests provide positive results, payments on Messenger could come by the end of this year.