Facebook allows you to share within its platform pictures 360 degrees . Users, therefore, will be able to share the most spectacular moments of their day through these special pictures. Sharing is very simple and is performed to the same manner as you share a classic photo, either through the app or through the desktop interface of social networks . To further enhance the user experience of these shots, Facebook improved some aspects of sharing.

He who shares the shots, can now choose the ‘ starting image of 360 degree photos. It is a small but welcome improvement. Users, therefore, will be able to specify the starting angle of the picture to 360 degrees so that users can access right away to its best part. Until now, in fact, Facebook did not offer this possibility and previewing photos to 360 degrees could offer, often unattractive image of the content. Thanks to this innovation, users may be more interested in exploring a fine move down 360 degrees.

To select the ‘ boot image shooting 360 degrees users can do it manually by choosing the best angle before releasing the shot. In addition, Facebook will offer the possibility of including the shots 360 degrees inside of the social network albums as well as share them cumulatively along with photos and video standard.

The rollout of new features has already begun. The ability to choose the starting point of the 360-degree photos should be available immediately while the rest of funzinalità will arrive within the next few weeks.