Facebook introduces new features in Yelp style


During the San Francisco event of the past few hours, Facebook unveiled a new feature that will allow users to decide where to eat or to spend an evening according to the advice and suggestions of friends. Similarly, the app will allow you to book the room, buy tickets for the cinema or the theater, and even book a haircut the hairdresser.

Facebook’s philosophy is clear: why use so many different apps, if you can do it all from our application? With these innovations, in fact, users will have new features to find a local book anything.

Among the changes that will be integrated in the coming days, the user will be able to book a restaurant directly from Facebook (it is sufficient that one of the local media ordering services offered by third parties), make an appointment at any commercial activity, booking services and activities, tickets and much more.

In addition, it will be possible to ask for a tip on a good restaurant or any other business activity, and Facebook will be able to show that question to friends, so they will be the same answer using a map in common. Who made the request so will the various recommendations of friends saved directly in this map editable by all those to whom the application has been notified.

Everything will be accompanied by marketing functions for the various activities, which can then highlight your location and offer additional services also on the social network. Also for companies, it has been made available a new page to better protect the identity of each business. And Facebook will have a lot of additional information about our habits and preferences …

At the time, these changes will be active only in the United States.


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