As part of the introduction of virtual reality technologies, Oculus, owned by Facebook, presented interesting novelties: two 360-degree cameras and a sensor capable of translating

 Facebook has announced a technology that translates thoughts into printed text, and 360-degree cameras (4 photos + video) "title =" Facebook has announced a technology that translates thoughts into Print text, and 360-degree cameras (4 photos + video) " <!--TEnd--> </p>
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panorama to measure 24 is equipped with sensors. The second model, simpler, uses only six similar sensors. Both gadgets are ready to record video content with six degrees of freedom, so the user no longer needs to process the video in addition to get a 360-degree image. It is obtained a clear, distortion-free. However, if postprocessing is still needed, the device owner can change the background in two counts and not be at home on the couch, but on a tropical island, for example. The developers are sure that such functions will allow to develop a creative beginning in users of Facebook.

Due to the use of the principle of volumetric capture, the design of gadgets has remained fairly simple, which means that they will not cost sky-high money and can get the most widespread. After passing the licensing procedure, all partners of the brand will be able to release such modifications with their own modifications.

The second interesting novelty, Silent Speech, is ready to transcribe up to 100 words per minute, which Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtyping is five times faster than when typing from a smartphone. Most likely, the first versions of the Silent Speech interface will be able to give only unambiguous answers, but over time the technology will use the advanced functionality – up to the transfer of emotions, which will allow the method not to be limited to the English-speaking audience. Now the project is at the initial stage of development, but it already employs 60 people, including experts in the field of machine learning and neuroprosthetics.

As a tool for reading brain information, it is proposed to use non-invasive sensors that will measure brain activity and recognize signals associated with speech or writing text. At the same time, as the head of the department of innovative developments Facebook Building 8 Regina Dugan assures, the system will decode only those thoughts that the user wanted to share, avoiding the advertising of random ones. How it will be implemented in practice, the company did not specify. But it often happens that because of the emotional state in the head some thoughts are rummaging, and we are expressing something else entirely. It is also unclear how the issue of privacy and confidentiality will be decided.

 Facebook announced the technology that translates thoughts into printed text and 360-degree cameras (4 photos + video) "title = "Facebook has announced a technology that translates thoughts into printed text, and 360-degree cameras (4 photos + videos)"  <!--TEnd--> </div>
<p> Back in Building 8 working on a technology that allows "hear" Sounds by the skin.The software converts the audio signal into frequency components, which are reproduced with the help of 16 drives in a special device . Ystve on hand After the training a person begins to distinguish between words So far their only 9, but eventually the system will expand the number of supported up to a hundred words </p>
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