Facebook data saving feature tests in Messenger for Android


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Here comes a novelty that will please users of Facebook Messenger. The social network is testing a new data saving feature that should significantly reduce the amount of data that the messaging application consumes, something very useful for those who will use it outside of a cover WiFi .

The Android Police website found that the version beta app to Android has a “Date Saver” option that, when activated, causes the Messenger stop download pictures and videos automatically when the user is using their own internet . Currently, all that is received by Messenger is downloaded even if the user has not yet seen the message in question.

Messanger data saver

already using a WiFi network, all remain the same and the texts continue to be downloaded automatically, no matter what the user’s internet source. The tool also displays a meter that shows an estimate of the savings made possible with your drive.

The new feature should start operating in Messenger soon. If you are eager to learn new details, you can become a tester and get the update that contains the trial version of the app from Google Play.

Source: Android Police

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