Facebook started to renew part of its application and the web site to make it easier to obtain recommendations from friends and interact directly with companies, without having to leave social networks. The most important changes are inside of Pages and the Events that help users of the platform to stay aware of what’s going on with their contacts and among their friends . Starting today Facebook will offer the ability for users to be able to offer recommendations to your contacts on the best restaurants, the places to see and the trust companies to contact.

In this way, those traveling for business or pleasure you will find tips and advice on the best and most reliable places to visit. When a user writes a Facebook post in search of advice about local places or services, have the ability to activate the “Recommendations” within the post. By activating the function, friends friends can comment on the posts with suggestions that will all be saved in some sort of map to view more conveniently in one place. But the news of social networks do not end there. Facebook is a great tool to find events that happen around the right position and is now even easier to discover new things to do with friends. To make the exploration of the best events, Facebook has revamped the tool of the platform events.

Facebook, come the recommendations (image: Facebook ).

Now, users can view the latest events of friends and locate the event recommendations based on their popularity among friends or based on past preferences. The new management of the Events come for US users over the next few weeks. No mention for distribution in the rest of the world.

Finally, Facebook began to offer new tools to enable users of interact more easily with local businesses . For example, you can now order food from restaurants directly from their Facebook pages. It will also be possible to request a quote via a dedicated button. Users can also, buy movie tickets directly from social networks through Fandango . Even in this case, these new features will be introduced, first of all, only for the American users.