Facebook has decided to block access to the app Prisma during direct on the social network. The choice seems to explain quite clearly considering the intention of Facebook to create a similar system and integrate it into his company.

Facebook has blocked Prisma and its ability to initiate live directly through the Facebook Live API. And ‘This is what emerges from TechCrunch.

Why Facebook has decided to block access to direct an app very popular and loved as Prisma? Let us understand together.

Early last month, Prisma had made available the support to direct Facebook with the real-time application of special and artistic filters generated by its technology. Around the same time the company announced it is working to develop and integrate a similar solution in its official mobile app (in this regard the acquisition MSQRD remember). The company therefore has blocked Prisma, or better closed the app to access Facebook API Live, as it has stated that these implementations were intended to products such as cameras and cameras and not to smartphone apps as smartphones c ‘is already the official app of the company.

In any case, the question is debated because in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) of Facebook Live API is not cited the inability to use them on smartphones, indeed is encouraged the community of developers to use filters and visualizations.

Prisma has said he will not fight to regain access to the Facebook Live services. “It’s up to Facebook to decide which apps, services and devices can transmit on the company. And ‘their policy and we respect it, “- said CEO of Prisma at TechCrunch.

Finally, TechCrunch has asked for details and a Facebook statement that at the time did not add anything but promised to make a statement in case there was nothing to add. We’ll see how the story will evolve.

Source: TechCrunch