Facebook decided block Prisma namely his ability to direct start through Facebook Live using special filters. Earlier this month, the app Prisma clearing the social network announced the possibility of applying the filters Real-time reporting directly through Facebook. “Crowd” is the right term because almost simultaneously the social network had announced to stay working to its similar solution that would come in the future. The application move of Russian software house, however, probably is not to be liked too that Facebook has decided to block this particular functionality through API Facebook Live citing the fact that this is a duplication of functionality that already exists.

TechCrunch evidence, in fact, that Facebook would tell Prism that bees are made to allow you to use Live services from devices such as, for example, cameras and smartphones not seen that from these devices is already possible to make it through the official application of social networks . However, between the FAQ of the Live service API does not specify clearly the impossibility of use via smartphones. Also, Facebook encourages developers to use special effects precisely similar graphics to those of Prisma.

Most likely, it concerned simply a way of block competition, a road that in the past also other companies have followed. In this regard it mentions, for example, Apple and iOS does not allow third-party browser that still are not always based on Safari.

Facebook, moreover, recently is taking a very aggressive tactic to defend its space within the universe of social networks. For example, they show all the recent implementations of solutions and functions very similar to those found on Snapchat, “rival” historic creature of Mark Zuckerberg .

With this move against Prisma, then, Facebook will probably simply want to defend his position in the Live direct field within social media.