The headset that anticipates the future is on the market for almost two years but few have been noticed . Indeed headphones Philips Fidelio M2L (280 euro) was announced even in 2014 and so far has had few competitors on the market. Its characteristic is that all the Lighting connector that makes it exclusive to Apple users, for their iPhone, iPad and iPod of the latest generations. The presence of this single connector, implies that inside the headset there is a digital / analog audio converter and a small amplifier, powered directly from your Apple device.

Gibson Innovation, owner of the Philips brand for the audio industry, has thus believed ever since that a future of smartphones without the audio jack was in the air, although it sounded a long way off . Then it came the iPhone 7’s it was realized: now headphones Philips is ready on the market, while competitors capable of doing big numbers are quite large. The price of the M2L is very high in absolute, but for now the very few competitors are even more expensive; Fortunately then real selling price of Philips headset is also less than 200 euro.

A headset as the other, or almost

If it were not for Apple headphone connector this might seem similar to many others: small size, beautiful finish with many leather details, careful design, made of coated aluminum and a padded headband which seems ready to challenge any attempt to bend it, well-cushioned ear pads to give the best comfort.

There are plenty of well disguised direct controls on the right earcup to adjust the volume and change tracks . The halls are not foldable and therefore during transport the footprint is not negligible, for the purpose there is supplied a small soft bag fabric. Strangely missing the microphone for hands-free, but there is a button to answer calls.

The Cable Lighting is fixed, rather short (1.2 meters) and There are not supplied cables or adapters: the M2L only works with iPhone, iPad and iPod . However Philips also in the list with Bluetooth NFC version of this M2: M2BT is called, has the same technical characteristics and always 280 EUR Regular coast.

From the technical point of view the headset adopts halls closed for neodymium transducers of 40 mm, the D / A converter is a 48 kHz / 24 bits, all entered directly into the right earcup. For technical specifications we frequency response of between 7 and 25,000 Hz, 16 ohm impedance and sensitivity of 107 dB; is not specified the consumption of energy derived from your Apple device, however, it is assumed that minimum.

A beautiful listening experience

And so to the listening test, carried out with an iPhone and an iPad 7 Pro. First impressions affect comfort: the headset rests well on the ears, without pressing too much but at the same time giving a substantial feeling of stability. The pavilions are very padded and therefore also act as partial insulation from outside noise; clearly indicated the channel of operation.

The headband is quite hard, but not annoying even after a long period of listening. The controls on the right earcup require a little bit of experience but are intuitive: for there is a volume rocker button, the other commands just press the entire outer surface of the pavilion. Sonically view this headset we enjoyed the music comes very naturally and without force: deep bass, but well-controlled, focused and clear voices, but not excessive detail attended to.

The sensitivity is average to get a good sound pressure level and dynamics. In short, a picture that directs the M2L to users who do not seek the effect at all costs but who like to listen to music in the relaxing and without coloratura .

No gender preference you can listen to the full satisfaction for a long time a piano piece, a rock song or a sophisticated voice jazz. So no flaw? From listening perspective M2L actually sounds very good for those who love strong sensations. But we would have preferred a more enveloping pavilion for household plays, would be useful microphone for hands-free for mobile use and foldable earcups would simplify transportation. But it is an objection that arise particularly in relation to the list price, very high. On the other hand when headphones Philips has few competitors and those who want to listen to music from your iPhone 7 without using the Bluetooth can turn with confidence to the M2L, especially if you find a good sale on the market price real.