Last week, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation released in his twitter recommendations on how to protect personal data season holiday sales on the web. “ make purchases online? Protect your accounts, use strong passwords and change them frequently “, – said the agency

The first part of the Council concerning the use of strong passwords, is undeniable:. Cyber ​​criminals much easier to guess the combination such as” 123456 “, than pick up more complex combinations of letters and numbers. But as offers frequently change passwords, many in the field of information security experts did not agree with him.

In their view, this practice will only lead to the fact that users will invent such passwords that are easier for them to remember, and hackers, respectively, to crack. At the same time, there are many other effective and at the same time simple ways to use the World Wide Web without the risk of falling victim to steal confidential information. . These include two-factor authentication, and non-use of the same password for different accounts

Commenting on the FBI’s recommendations, one of the experts in the field of personal data protection – Per Torskhaym (Per Thorsheim) – stated: “ I am surprised and saddened by the fact that the FBI gives such bad advice, while serious academic research, numerous organizations, corporations, and even the US government considered a bad idea frequent change passwords. I do not know who from the FBI is responsible for their page Twitter, but these people are obviously not aware of good practices . “