The detachment from the Trace Gas Orbiter before, so an incredible adjustment path towards Mars, finally landing maneuver: the quest ExoMars arrived at the decisive moment, the most anticipated from the beginning. And since the lander is a great deal of Italy, the appointment is of great importance for our country. The excited arrival steps can be followed in live streaming thanks to the images provided by European Space Agency.

Since the module name that is traveling toward the surface of Mars, “ Schiaparelli “: Giovanni Schiaparelli was the Piedmontese in the nineteenth century astronomer who discovered the canals of Mars, giving life to the whole ‘imagination that to this day makes a beautiful setting to cases of life in Space. But there is a lot of Italy also on board, through the technology of what will become a sort of fixed meteorological station, as well as investments that enabled the shipment ExoMars (a joint venture between Italy and France to see the ‘ Italian Finmeccanica’s work). Last March 14, exactly 181 years after the birth of Schiaparelli, the lander has gone to Mars from a launching station Kazakh and now crosses the planet after a long journey 8 months .

The hard landing 6 minutes within which Schiaparelli must pass the speed of 21,000 km / h at a speed of 10 km / h before you lie down on the red dust of the planet at Meridiani Planum. During the descent you are taking photographs in black and white that will come to Earth within the next 24 hours.

ExoMars, the arrival live streaming

The arrival phases are emotion that ESA intends to share with all those who express an interest for this great event. After confirming the regular posting of Schiaparelli from TGO who accompanied him up close to Mars, ESA is now proposing a live stream with which anyone can experience the thrill of the moment.

Direct is planned starting at 15, while the landing is expected within the next few hours: contact with the Martian atmosphere is at 16.42, while contact with the ground is scheduled for 16:48 . The page to follow the live is 2020 arrivals on Mars is also a second lander having a dowry of the drill Eni for drilling soil. Trying to better understand Mars, as well as Giovanni Schiaparelli tried to do many years ago.