Now that’s available campaign Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered for those who carried out the pre-purchase on PS4 (the rest of us have to wait until the day of departure to play), surely more than one completist will be I set out to achieve platinum game. In theory it is quite easy, not much much scriptado collectible trophy, but finished the campaign on Veteran mode, the higher the difficulty, it is not as easy as it sounds. Here are some tips for you to get over this difficulty mode and you do with the precious platinum.

lazy Difficulty

Call of Duty is one of those games that are guilty of not knowing how to measure the difficulty we will be more specific; While in other games the difficulty is perfectly calculated and each differently game mechanics saga Activision are set to offer a challenge right but more or less difficult it merely adds more damage taken, more enemies and less time in the time trial sequences. This just obviously assuming a tighter but nothing fair or funny at times difficult.

The best thing you can do to avoid problems is to be patient . Although COD is a pretty frantic arcade FPS not knowing its developers get along high difficulties we have to alter the style of play. not worth cover when we are hurt, we must now be covered constantly clearing the way and go slowly because two bullets or melee attack will be on the ground.

it is also preferable that not much experience with weapons. Yes, it’s always fun to switch to a shotgun or rocket launcher instead give time, but if you want to play it safe ceñiros to automatic weapons like assault rifles and submachine guns during the game (except fighting vehicles) ; They are versatile, there are plenty of ammunition and recharges quickly.

The major black point of the game is the prologue end the mission. It is almost a matter of luck. From Xombit Games we recommend you go forward as quickly as possible to the second room of the plane, wait until it explodes the window and expend all blinding at the top.

said is just you to get down to work. Luck.