Disposal of nuclear waste -. very time-consuming and costly process, without bringing anything useful any planet or people group of physicists and chemists from the University of Bristol is confident that things can change, thanks to technology developed by them, which will allow to create virtually eternal diamond batteries that run for several thousands of years in a row.

while the technology exists only on paper, but scientists have presented a prototype of a fuel cell, which uses nickel-63, however, to improve the efficiency plan to use carbon-14. The last is contained in the graphite rods used in nuclear reactors of nuclear power plants. The researchers found that the element is focused on the surface of the spent rods, and when heated can be separated from them in the gaseous state, which will later be assembled to form artificial diamonds by the deposition of the isotope from the gas phase.

The choice of carbon-14 It made due to the nature of the radioactive nuclide he will be completely safe once inside the diamond, but at the same time durable and highly efficient source of energy without producing emissions. To reduce radioactivity to safe levels are invited to enter into a “nuclear diamond” in the shell of the standard diamond grown artificially. The resulting battery will last for at least 5730 years, after which its charge will drop to 50 per cent of

If the technology will be further productive development, it will solve at once two global problems. – reduced need in the burial and thus poisoning the earth, and it will be possible to obtain alternative energy. “New batteries will be used in situations where it is impossible to recharge or replace conventional batteries they will be used in low-power electrical devices, which require long-term supply service:. In pacemakers, satellites, high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles, or even space ships”, – states . Tom Scott

Source: newatlas.com

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