The anti-virus company ESET conducted an online survey among visitors to the site “We ESET», to find out is today Russian users belong to piracy. A total of 1376 people have participated the survey.

Respondents were asked to answer two simple questions, each with a choice of several answers. As noted in the report, the vast majority of Russians are at least occasionally use counterfeit products, and only 9% of the respondents were assured that always pay for a license.

Most often, a pirate source rock movies and TV series – was the answer of 70% of the respondents. But the music and the software people are “pirates” are not so active – these options are indicated 46% and 45% of users respectively. References of interest “freebooters” More is less: in the illegal downloading of electronic versions of books have admitted 34% of respondents. Hacked computer games download only 30% of users.

as the main reason, is pushing to consume pirated products, the majority of pirates (80%) of the high cost of licensed content. More 28% complained about the incomplete range of legal services, 19% – in the uncomfortable payment system. In addition, 21% of respondents use counterfeit products from the belief that the information disseminated on the Internet should be free.