car sharing those dedicated to bike sharing and the scooter sharing . Among the platforms supported include car2go enjoy Share’NGo, MyTaxi and Uber . The user can thus choose the one that best suits your needs to move smoothly in the city, so sustainable consulting detailed forecasts on waiting times, costs, and on transportation. urbi is active in several Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Turin, Florence and Catania, as well as in several European locations of Germany, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Spain and Austria. These are the words of Emiliano Saurin, founder of URBI.

We are very pleased to launch our first operation co-marketing with Enel Energia. Especially for the values ​​that will promote. We work every day to make cities more sustainable and we believe that our technology will be a key tool for the citizen of the future, which will move without necessarily owning their own means, like the car.

Screenshot for the mobile application of urbi Service

The agreement signed by Enel Energy and urbi allows, simply stating your tax code within the application (available for Android and iOS ), the accumulate points in the program Enelpremia 3.0 then be spent to request bonus energy and gas, as well as other awards. For each rental you will be credited 50 points. The initiative, which aims to create a virtuous circle by pushing the use of shared services of transport, was launched a few days and is already getting a good response.

Screenshot per l'applicazione mobile del servizio urbi

Screenshot for the mobile application of urbi Service