Acquired in February 2015 by Microsoft, the application Sunrise Calendar was one of the most widely used calendar applications since its launch in 2013. “Was” because in October 2015 the Redmond announced the planned killing of application August 31, 2016 and its integration with Outlook Mobile.

What you did not want to use the integrated version email client or looking for just a good software to manage your schedule, here are the best alternatives to Sunrise Calendar application.

Google Calendar (free, Android, iOS and web)

The first alternative when speaking schedule (and applications in general) is none other than the solution offered by Google. It must be said that the agenda of the Mountain View company, already installed on most Android devices, multiplies arguments: it is free, complete and cross-platform


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Inevitably compatible with other Google services like Gmail and other third party services, Google Calendar offers multiple views (traditional calendar or enriched with pictures and maps) to best manage his schedule and everything is saved and synchronized online. An obvious alternative especially for juggling a mobile device to a computer, unless you want to prevent Google and its not always reassuring monopoly.

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native Calendars Apple and Microsoft (free, OS X / iOS and Windows)

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Other alternatives so obvious that we could not not talk about: the solutions natively by all major operating systems such as OS X and Windows. In one case as in the other apps are logically free and offer the minimum features to organize his time.


It should be noted that Microsoft has made progress on the proposed timetable on Windows 10 and if you own a Mac and an iPhone / iPad data calendars are of course synchronized online via iCloud .

Cal (free, Android and iOS)

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Designed by the same developer as the manager tasks (and thus compatible), Cal is a serious free alternative available on Android and iOS. In addition to its essential features (synchronization, reminders, widget … etc.) And its clear interface, Cal offers many features such as voice control, highlighting birthdays, a balanced view between private and professional events or places of suggestions and people to invite.

Fantastical 2 (4.99 euros on iPhone, iPad and 9.99 euros 49.99 euros on OS X)


And if the best alternative for users Apple was paid? In any case that suggests Fantastical 2, available for all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch). Loaded with features as indispensable qu’optimisées for iOS and OS X (such as 3D compatibility Touch for example), this calendar offers many interface options and tools to plan their lives. If the prices for the different versions vary, they can fortunately be connected and synchronized with each other.

Sol Calendar (free, Android)

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Since we have talked about a 100% Apple app, it is normal to also bring a solution only for Android: Sol Calendar. Free, the app offers once again the integration of third-party services (such as weather) and an interface that is intended particularly intuitive including the ability to use stickers to visually mark events.