The company Sharkoon not so long ago announced the release of the body S25-V the main difference of which was thought out ventilation system, allowing it to collect in even the most powerful system with a large total heat level of the CPU, graphics card and other components. Now it has introduced a new model in this series, the body M25-W which is very similar to the S25-V, but has a number of interesting differences.

First, it is, of course, a huge picture window in the left pane, but a window today, no surprise: all manufacturers housings have in their arsenals such models. Secondly, an interesting innovation was the presence of built-in sound system with support for virtual 7.1 surround, with connecting the included sound card to one of the USB pad on the system board. Usually, on most motherboards available and HD Audio shoe for connecting an integrated audio subsystem to audio terminal on the front panel, but Sharkoon offers a use for this is a complete sound card which, according to the manufacturer, provides a better sound quality.

we are talking about standard dvuhrazёmnom audio terminals: Similar to the soundbar lattice on the sides of the front panel of any speaker is not a secret, and are used for air intake. The internal layout is completely the same as the S25-V and requires two five-inch external bays with accessible for the installation of optical drives or cooling control panels, three-disk format 3.5 “and two 2.5 format”; Recently, the combination can be replaced by five drives format 2.5 “.

Under mesh top panel can be installed radiators LSS type 280 or 360, behind the front panel has a pair of 120mm fans and one more with a blue backlight on blowing works on the rear panel. With no disc in the basket standard location, the length expansion cards in this case can be up to 400 mm. Case dimensions up 210 × 450 × 465 mm, weighs 6.5 kg and supports the installation of ATX motherboards, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX.