PC Cases are different, but almost all models in our time, except for very very compact, allow the installation of at least 120mm radiator liquid cooling system. Naturally, one body suitable for constructing such a cooling system with better others – worse. Company EK Water Blocks, which many consider the best components manufacturer of cooling systems and integrated LSS, of course, can not understand in this matter.

Thus, the company is officially certified body Antec Cube as suitable solutions for use with products EKWB. The body that does not look like a cube – from the front it has an octagonal shape, and overall design resembles the Razer products, what is not surprising, because it has developed a Razer and exterior Cube. The case is quite compact (365 × 250 × 460 mm) and is designed for installation of system Mini-ITX format motherboard, as it provides only three seats for expansion cards. The design uses steel 0.8 mm thick and 3 mm thick aluminum.

What attracted EKWB this “cube”? Despite its compact, it allows you to set the size LSS 240 radiator in the front and an additional radiator size 140 – in the rear. This combination of operating in a single circuit, can cool any conceivable configuration, capable of fit in size Antec Cube. However, it is possible to use two independent refrigerant circuits and 240 mm for the processor and the heat sink 140 mm – for a graphics card, or vice versa. The body has a nice window, highlighting at the bottom and an embedded controller that allows to control the six-speed fans or pumps. This version (Certified by EKWB) should appear on sale in December. Razer logo on the front, it will not bear.