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A lot of people thought the stories about the Galaxy Note7 would end after the Samsung formalize the closure of unit production. However, nearly a week later, it continues giving the talk. Now, the Federal Aviation Administration authorities (FAA), a kind of Anac US, which is defined federal crime embarking on any plane carrying the Galaxy Note7.

The order, which was approved last Friday (14) and is already in effect, prohibits any charge passenger with you, or in any kind of luggage, the problematic phablet South Korean. Who insist on porting Galaxy Note7 intentionally will be “subject to civil penalties of up to $ 179,000 for each violation” and can be prosecuted and imprisoned for up to ten years.

The decision, however, provides that there may be a small portion of travelers who do not know the determination and try to get to the plane with Note7. In such cases, it requires the immediate shutdown of the unit or individual will be arrested and subjected to the aforementioned penalties. Airlines, the guidance is to stop anyone who tries to embark with gadget .

The new law displayed by the FAA comes just days after Samsung enact death of the Galaxy Note7 which was little more than two months on the market. Although short, his career was very problematic and forced the company to announce two recalls after incessant cases of overheating and explosions. Even the case of a Galaxy Note7 that started fuma├žar during a flight Southwest Airlines which went from Louisville to Baltimore, USA, was one of the triggers that led to the second recall of the devices and, consequently, the end of his life.

Via The Verge Department of Transportation

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