Last fall, British developers have submitted a system of Auds (Anti-UAV Defense System) which is designed to intercept illegally penetrating on forbidden territory drones.

DroneShield American company recently announced a more compact portable system that is controlled by one operator. The electron gun DroneShield Dronegun created, in particular, to carry out a controlled dangerous intercept drones that carry, for example, explosive materials.

When DroneShield Dronegun can help put an unmanned aerial vehicle in the designated area and return it to the point of take-off to hunt down the operator. Capture works effectively at distances up to 2 km in a variety of weather conditions. To use DroneShield Dronegun, do not need any special training. At the moment of interception video drone with the operator immediately interrupted.

At the moment, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has not approved the release DroneShield Dronegun.