The Black Friday – they say – it was a great success . And actually the numbers confirm that view, at least as regards e-commerce. Amazon has placed Italy in one day Friday, November 25, 2016 well 1.1 million products, 12 per second. Even Eprice, while not revealing absolute sales figures, confirmed that Black Friday 2016 was his day sales records and site visits, an increase of 81% in sales compared to the same event last year. Beyond the proclamations and the undeniable numerical results, The common perception is that Black Friday has “blossomed” in Italy after years in which the habit was penetrated in our country only in the “bands nerd”. . The electronics shops in particular have engaged in ad hoc promotions, in some cases even with discounts “horizontal” on all products in store: who has assumed the tax, who went as far as to 25% of all (or almost) .

The general feeling, however, is that Black Friday (later turned into a Black Long Weekend) has not really left its mark in terms of irresistible promotions . Of course, commercial success is, but it seems more driven by strong advertising pressure (wherever they are seen posts on Black Friday) that the great attraction offers. Some consumers also have overshadowed some behavior not exactly orthodox, as the increase in prices (or at least of the reference prices) to be included as the most important discounts the fact that they were low compared to the current price. In the United States, in physical stores (that’s where I was born on Black Friday) the discounts have always been important, and above all real; the feeling of doing business is clear and striking impression is that retailers are prepared for that day even in losing anything. The impression that instead remains to Italian veterans of Black Friday 2016 had witnessed a normal promotional time, like so many others throughout the year, marked only by a large number of concurrent offerings but no effects overtime on discounts.

The main problem in the application of the American model to our reality, at least for what concerns the hi-tech, is that now the electronics are always in promoting ; so often that if it is not, people do not buy, because it would “be fooled”. A constant promotional regime obviously does not leave room for a truly impact Black Friday: There is no room for price plummet and there are not even set aside the money to afford the “pop” promotional real below cost. In Italy’s Black Friday every day. Which is equivalent to saying that it is not Black Friday ever .