Earth Day 2016: Google Doodle celebrates with multiple



Earth Day 2016: Google Doodle celebrates with multiple


The Earth Day 2016 is celebrated today April 22 also to Google with a number of Doodle devoted: there are thousands initiatives around the world. L ‘ Earthday has its official website and is now in its forty-sixth edition since the first was held on April 22, 1970 when twenty million Americans recalled by Senator Democrat of Wisconsin Gaylord Nelson who finally lifted the health problem in the deterioration of our planet .

The first Earth Day was organized by Denis Hayes who put on a staff of young activists but mostly environmentalists from East coast to the West to hold rallies and lectures in colleges and universities doing open your eyes on pollution and the bad turn taken by the exploitation of resources and the use of intemperate pollutants. Since 1970 will be 190 countries involved with officers and government demonstrations across the globe. One of the charismatic leaders of the past events was former vice president (and also unelected president …) Gore Nobel and Oscar winner that the last time he voted to ecology. Still in the memory of all her videos on Youtube entitled ‘ Volunteers for Climate Change ‘ for a competition open to film makers environmentalists.

L ‘ Earth Day 2016 will live special events around the globe with mega-concerts and events not to be missed. Google responded with five Doodle, one above the octopus then under all the other start from Fox

 Turtle Earth Day Fox

Then l ‘ elephant

 turtle elephant Earth Day

The Turtle

 Turtle Earth Day

And l ‘ polar bear

 Polar Bear Turtle Earth Day


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