Audi chose the name for his future line of electric cars . Models that will abandon the internal combustion engines in favor of totally electric motors will be called simply E-Tron . This is a special option that harks back to the past when in the 80s the automobile company launched the Audi Quattro that everyone was simply the “Four”. Future electric cars of the house of the three rings will all be identified by this name that will be used as a suffix for each model.

In fact, Audi had recently used the name “E-Tron” to identify some of his hybrid vehicles including the R8 supercar, but the company has found that this name will be, in future, only used to identify fully electric vehicles. Audi is planning to present three electric vehicles by 2020 and the first will be an SUV. The goal is to compete with all major car industry players who are all aiming sull’elettrico like Mercedes and BMW. In the background, however, there is always that Tesla continues to “scare” the European companies with its innovative electric cars equipped with a autonomous driving system which are very widespread and not just a prototype.

In addition, a further boost to bet on electric cars and thus more sustainable also comes from the desire to put a lid on the scandal Volkswagen . Audi, then, within 2-3 years will be selling its first E-Tron electric motor. This is an ambitious target that still emphasizes once again as the era of combustion engines is coming to an end in favor of innovative cars based on non-polluting engines.