Dropbox announced the appointment of a senior technical director Aditya Agarwal (Aditya Agarwal). The company engaged in cloud storage technology, it will take place Arash Ferdowsi (Arash Ferdowsi), which together with the CEO Drew Houston company (Drew Houston) founded Dropbox in 2007.

Agarwal was in the company in 2012, when Dropbox acquired startup Cove, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer where he then was. It was the first purchase of Dropbox: then it was reported that the company has signed a deal with the Cove for the most part in order to assign Agarwal on the position he finally officially received


Earlier, Agarwal worked at Facebook software engineer – where he rose to director of product development. Since joining Dropbox he helped create more than one product, including Dropbox Business, Dropbox Enterprise and Dropbox Paper. Prior to that Agarwal was listed officially in the company as vice president of development.

With regard Ferdowsi, he, according to the official announcement in the company blog, “will continue to concentrate in their daily activities on helping Dropbox grow as a company and business.”

It should also be noted that the wife Agarwal, Ruchi Sanghvi (Ruchi Sanghvi), also previously worked at Facebook and founded Cove together with her husband, and later became vice president of Dropbox operations. According to her profile in LinkedIn, she left the company in 2014.