Dream houses that may one day be ours


Whether we are starting our life outside of our parents' home, that we have already started our own family or that we are already waiting for that long-awaited retirement … we always have a particular dream on our wish list. Those house that we always wanted to have and for which we have worked so hard for so long.

Today there are many possibilities and options to approach them. For some closer and for others a little more distant, but the truth is that any of our dreams or goals are there to try to meet them and enjoy the satisfaction once we get them.

Our house is surely one of the most important. Many dream of a big house in the middle of the field, others with a house in the city. And others look for houses and ready away from the capital or new work Madrid to be close to everything and because they love city life (I am one of them). Of course it is always good to take a few days off or even, many seek a life in the countryside where they can relax. That's when they can find farms for sale and get to that house of their dreams.

But when we talk about apartments or farms, have you already thought about what you are looking for? All in principle we think of the house as such, but it is always important (in addition to taking into account our budget) to make a list of the needs we seek to satisfy.

Interior space, if we want a garden or balcony, what decorative style we want to have, the lifestyle we want to achieve. That is why we can divide into groups such as house or apartment, city or field. While some seek the tranquility of nature, others seek the vibrant and active life of the city.

And I always insist that the style must be present. There is no use for a large flat in the city if its design and style are not what we are looking for. Can we imagine living there, decorating the house of our dreams? These are questions that we should never stop asking ourselves.

And they know that I like to help them in this kind of tasks. In showing them ideas that help them to define their needs in order to make good decisions and of which we are truly safe. Every time I have to make a decoration decision, and even when I have to decide for a house or apartment … the lists and the family debate are never absent.

Today I show you many but many decorative ideas of different spaces designed in apartments and houses or country estates. Each of these options will give us a more complete idea of ​​what we can obtain from them, how we can decorate them and enjoy them to the fullest.

They will help us to realize what kitchen we want, how much outdoor space, if we want a large garden with a nice pool, or a nice balcony to take a breath while we enjoy the views of the city. Open and integrated or well delimited spaces. And do not forget to keep in mind if you have kids at home and their ages.

Let's see some country-style apartments and houses that truly fall in love with their details, but more importantly, they are full of ideas to help us make a decision and thus seek the adequate help we need to buy that house, THE HOUSE of our dreams what is your dream house?