The fan of the brand Dragon Quest surely they will be waiting anxiously the advent in Europe of Dragon Quest Heroes II this epic story through the shelves of Japanese specialty stores for several months. Browsing through our various sources we came across in the updated price list linked to the Best Buy chain retailer that has entered in the catalog the Western version of Dragon Quest Heroes II, all characterized by the presence of the release date, scheduled for day 25 April 2017. You can find the page by following this link .

Obviously the date proposed by Best Buy could be the classic placeholder, in order to update the data related to the adventure at a time when Square Enix officially announce the European release of Dragon Quest Heroes II. It ‘good to remember that in a few days it will be possible to Game Awards 2016 and Playstation Experience 2016 as a result of the Japanese company boss might have in Serbia a classified ad hoc.

it just has to stay on hold for new, and official, information thereon. As always, the advice is to take what has been reported with care and treat the foremost as a rumor.


Best Buy has removed the dedicated Dragon Quest Heroes II page. I do not know, unfortunately, if such a decision was taken on the advice of Square Enix or less.