DJI The Company announced that its new drone Inspire 2 announced this month, will be less rapid than originally planned.

The maximum airspeed Inspire 2 will now be equal to 58 miles per hour (93 km / h), rather than 67 miles / hour (108 km / h), as stated earlier. Accordingly, in order to develop a speed of 50 miles / h (80 km / h), drone need not four, but five seconds.

The company says that the change was required to the high speed does not jeopardize the quality and stability of shooting a movie.

Drone Inspire 2 for film industry professionals. Novelty is equipped with an additional camera with the FPV-2-axle stabilization and the possibility of adjusting the height. Also, the drone has a tracking system in order to avoid obstacles and collisions of a new image processing system with video recording with a resolution of 5.2K in Adobe CinemaDNG RAW, Apple ProRes and other formats on the CINE SSD drive. signaling system supports two communication channels, providing a stable broadcast video from both cameras.

It is expected that a slight change in the characteristics will not affect the quality of consumer devices. However, those who had ordered Inspire 2 based on his speed qualities, the DJI company is ready to fully recoup the costs.