DJI launches new application for managing drones


DJI The Company has released a new companion app to work with the brand drones. it is interesting that instead of upgrading an existing version of the GO program DJI manufacturer has decided to create a separate application called DJI GO 4. In addition, the original service supports with drones Inspire, Phantom and Matrice 100, whereas in the description of the new no mention of Matrice, but instead adds support for new Mavic Pro. also DJI GO 4 has several new features, including a completely redesigned user interface.


The description DJI GO 4 refers to support HD broadcast -Video near real-time UAV camera on a smartphone screen, customizable camera settings directly during the flight, the new embedded player, and editor of the updated interface. In addition, the app is available a set of new templates and unlicensed music editor, as well as telemetry data about the flight.

At the moment, a new application DJI GO 4 is only available on Android.