Now we’ve told you which are the best weapons for you arrases from minute one in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered, but … What about the advantages? Do not worry, we consider that are vital in achieving a good run of low and that, combined with appropriate weapons and accessories can work miracles. Here we tell you all about the best advantages of the remastering of COD 4.

Pride and Glory

In COD 4 We can find several advantages that are extremely powerful (or not, depending how you look) but among the gaming community are considered too powerful. The use is your decision, we have warned.

  • Martyrdom: Hated by everyone. Just drop a Granada barley to die. It will not help to get spurts, only to climb occasional kill, so many players avoid using it since it does not help especially and is really annoying.

  • Last Battle: Another advantage quite controversial. When dying seconds we hold our secondary weapon firing. is also really annoying because you never know if your enemy has dropped or you can kill from the ground.

  • Titan: Indispensable. More life, so for the face. You never know when we will well resist a couple of shots more, in case you do not arriesguéis. Prepare it in all your classes.

  • Vulnerant Strength: The answer to Titan, our bullets increase its attack power significantly making our enemies fall faster

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  • Extreme Conditioning: Run like there was no tomorrow. You can infinitely sprinting. Great for a second rushers can not stand still or.

  • stable Marksmanship: we be more accurate when firing from the hip. It may seem stupid, but combined with the right weapon this advantage can make the difference.

All that remains is that I believe the best probéis and customized for gusts craziest underclass.