Looks like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered brings some surprises up his sleeve. As we always say is a detail that developers leave secrets and curiosities give their games, although the controversy behind this remastering (the obligation to buy Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to enjoy this) we doubt to save the image of Activision . Here we have referred to in this funny Easter egg .

Rewriting the past

In the first game of Modern Warfare saga embody Soap Mctavish for almost the entire adventure, and among the different missions that must be overcome is the mythical level that for a moment we get into the skin captain Price.

Well, if you do remember that memory in that mission we aim to assassinate the terrorist Zakaev, but several deliveries later; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 we find that in the back of the car in which the criminal gets is Makarov our archenemy in subsequent titles, causing the killing of the controversial mission of the airport.

In the original game and still not record the course of history had in later games which occupied the back seat was a single enemy, but in the remastering has square history and has been replaced the model taking advantage of the Makarov MW3.

As mentioned at the beginning is a mere detail, but the truth is that it is quite gratifying to discover especially if you enjoyed the history of the saga, though, as well unfortunately you will know the history of our friend Soap Mctavish not end well.

You know stay tuned sniper level and experimentad a little with your rifle, is a trophy to unlock if you shoot Makarov.
Remember; Nothing Russian .