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Free apps and free games, as well as discounts on them, are relevant only at the time of publication. In this issue: Annex 3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro, which will tell all about the battery; very unusual and mysterious puzzle HOOK quest “Dark Legend”.

Applications discount

3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro

price: 99 rubles (old price: 329 rubles )

3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro

Very easy and powerful widget that will tell about your phone’s battery all. Not only where the leaves precious energy, but also the condition of the battery, how warm it up, and how much he still left to work.

Games discount


price: 29 rubles (old price: 99 rubles)


Not an easy puzzle, something reminiscent of the electrical circuit. In general, the essence is the same here (no, not the current hits) – you need to isolate an extra element of the scheme, and to remove it in order to pass the level. Like anything sverhoriginalnyh, but addictive.

Dark legends

price: 179 rubles (old price: 379 RUB)

Мрачные Легенды

a very interesting adventure, where you have to play for the girl to come to the old village to the wedding of his sister. My sister, however, quickly disappears somewhere, and out of nowhere a strange stranger comes up – in general, the game is a lot of mysteries and puzzles that you have to unravel


Source: 4pda.ru