The director of the cult of MMORPG World of Warcraft Tom Chilton (Tom Chilton) left his post. This he said in his open letter to official forum His place will Hazzikostas Ion (Ion Hazzikostas), who works at Blizzard since 2008.

However, Chilton of Blizzard Entertainment is not going anywhere – now he is working on another project of the company, however, exactly how, did not specify. “We have come a long way, firing six additions, creating countless raids, dungeons, battle fields, and other elements of the game. My path WoW director came to an end, but my adventures at Blizzard has not yet been completed. I stay in the company, but now concentrate its efforts on other game Blizzard »– said Tom. Recall that he joined the development team to World of Warcraft in 2004.

In September, the company left legendary game designer Chris Metzen (Chris Metzen), who served as senior vice president on Scene content and development of franchises.