Many believe that the era of optical media is coming to an end. Despite the prevalence of Blu-ray Disc format and the emergence of the new, increased capacity, it is popular almost exclusively as a carrier licensed movies and TV shows, and not as a means of storing user data. For those who have in the case there is an unused optical drive type Slim, SilverStone Company offers replacement .

The curious device called FPS01 available in two versions, differing only in the type of USB ports: in the SST-FPS01 a pair of traditional type A ports and SST-FPS01-C port is only one but type C module is compatible with a standard optical drive bay for Slim ODD 12,7 mm and is set to replace the DVD drive has become unnecessary or Blu-ray. But this is not limited to the functionality of the module.

It has a built-in SD card reader and microSD with support for SDHC and SDXC standards, as well as space for a drive with an interface M.2 SATA 6Gb / s 2280 size or smaller. Unfortunately, the use of laptops in FPS01 difficult because of the need to connect the module via standard connectors Molex, USB 3.0 (20 pin) and SATA; however, in laptops use different formats ODD mounting and provide compatibility with all the models would be impossible. Initially the unit is equipped with a black front panel, but the kit contains and white.