illustrated source of electricity that runs on solar energy, developed by experts of the Austrian company SunnyBAG. Allegedly, the new product, dubbed SunnyBAG LEAF +, is the most durable and lightweight solar panel in the world.

Battery 6.2 W weighs less than 200 grams it comes with a mobile battery. Battery A special feature is the presence of two types of cells, thereby providing high efficiency and the ability to produce electricity even in low light. The cells of amorphous silicon have three go to a flexible substrate, covering most of the light spectrum and Sunpower cells work much better in direct sunlight, are characterized by a record efficiency of 22.4%.

Отгрузка SunnyBAG LEAF+ должна начаться в ноябре-декабре

is alleged to charge the average smartphone battery on a sunny day just two hours. If the sky is cloudy, the time doubles. The developers note durable battery cover, making it resistant to external influences.

Отгрузка SunnyBAG LEAF+ должна начаться в ноябре-декабре

The goal to collect 22,000 euros set by the sponsors, has already been completed. At the time of the news collected more than 57 000 euros. The first participants of the fundraiser can reserve the SunnyBAG LEAF + for 69 euros. Now the minimum payment, which allows hope for a battery, is 76 euros. Shipment SunnyBAG LEAF + to begin in November and December.

Source: a Kickstarter