The company introduced a wearable camera PogoTec PogoCam, the sale of which is planned to start March 30 next year.

Developer novelty calls the world’s smallest camera with the ability to wear glasses on. PogoCam can be positioned at the arc with integrated magnetic mount-band PogoTrack. The device has dimensions 10,9 × 12,5 × 42,8 mm.

The camera can be stored in the internal memory up to 100 photos with a resolution of 5 million pixels or up to two minutes of video in 720p format (1280 × 720 pixels, 30 frames per second). To transfer the material to an external device, for example, a smartphone can use wireless Bluetooth.

PogoCam has a waterproof design. On charging the internal battery takes about 35 minutes.

Buy novelty will be an estimated price of US $ 130. The first buyers will receive a sunglasses holder PogoTrack. More details about the camera can be found here .