As expected, Iron Lords has reached Destiny with a lot of new equipment we can get through different activities. Luckily for us, we have a great guide on Reddit whole team of assaults, to go directly to search for a particular weapon.

then you have the list the specific legend team can only get in the assaults . Remember that assaults the King of the Possessed have been updated to give rewards according to the new maximum level of light, so also we included in our list.

Team as a reward in assaults SIVA

assault Team “The unfortunate eye”

Team assault “perfected Sepiks”

Team Pogoth assault of

Team SIVA any assault on the list

reward in assaults Team King of the Possessed

Team assault “plagued Chalice”

Team assault “KNOW Fallen”

assault Team “The Palace of Dust”

Team assault “Cerberus VAE III

Team assault “Shadow Thief”

Team assault “Shield Brothers”

assault Team “The Cell sunless”

Team Ómnigul assault of

Priest assault Team Archon

This list can go directly to the concrete assault which we want to take the team to complete our collection, but remember that to open the chest that appears after defeating the final boss will need a master key . Luckily, we have a guide to get many master keys so do not fail to go through it to have keys in inventory. Good luck with the grind .