The Standard Iron has returned to Destiny with the DLC Lords Iron and settled on the title of Bungie. We have had time to prepare our Guardians, so it was time to demonstrate our skills in this game mode PvP.

It is available from today until Tuesday October 4th at 19pm in Spain and the gameplay that we enjoy this week’s edition of the Standard is Supremacy . When we enter the Temple Iron Lord Saladino will present officially Lady Efrideet, the new charge of contracts and rewards us.

Changes in the Standard of Iron

Here are the key changes have been applied to the level way up Iron Banner:

  • The buff Temperance is gone, so no more experience as they host the final of Standard Iron approaches.

  • There are available 4 weekly contracts with various rewards, as legendary team that does not sell Lady Efrideet, distinctive legend, Estandarte reputation and experience.

  • Each game won in the Standard Iron gives 250 reputation points.

  • Along with the reputation for winning, for each medallion Hierro we have in stock will receive 150 reputation points.

New Banner rewards Iron

Then you have the list of new equipment Standard Iron Lady selling Efrideet in exchange for distinctive legend when we reach the level required Standard:

Remember there are more items available in this edition of Standard Iron but to get them we have to play games and wait for the final rewards. As a positive point, Lady Efrideet sells us the team to 350 points, but the games can get a lot more points of light, so worth pummeling this Standard.