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Pokémon Trainers from around the world, unite! The new demo of Sun & Moon has just come out for Nintendo 3DS and have been through a fine tooth comb, completely revealing the Pokédex of the game. According to the data mining title, we will have 800 Pokémon in total, new sprites for monsters and items, and new movements and skills of each.

Although not all sprites are included in the demo, is likely to have all alolanas forms of monsters will come from the 151 original. Other than that, the game must also have eight of Ultra-Beasts mysterious and pre-evolutions of Legendaries. The process also revealed final figures for each starter Sun & moon right with Shinies (rare colors).

Warning: This video contains spoilers

All data are going through the inspection of YouTuber Kaphotics, which shows in his videos every novelty awaited demo. By the way, everyone walks around wondering is why Nintendo would put so much secret information in a demo. However, no one knows the answer.

The launch of Pokémon Sun & Moon for Nintendo 3DS is expected worldwide (except US) to 18 November. Stay tuned to Canaltech for more news!


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